A Short Review On 8GB iPhone 5C

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May 15th, 2014

When Apple started the smaller-capability device in European shops hearsay about an 8GB I-phone 5c were verified now.
The telephone number has become accessible via worldwide Apple Shops: GBP429 ($712) in the Great Britain, and EUR559 ($778) in France, although local providers are offering price reductions to entice new customers.


Meanwhile, China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom are all promoting the 8GB telephone for JPY4,088 ($660)–JPY400 less than the 16GB variation.
Apple additionally rolled out the new telephone in Australia and Germany, but produced no reference of launching on its home jurisdiction in Usa.
Hearsay of an inferior-capability iPhone 5c strike the Internet Monday, subsequent flows on two German websites, and a printed reader picture of what seemed to be the 8GB 5c’s packaging.
But opposite to earlier reports, the 8GB I-phone 5c can be obtained in all initial shades–white, blue, yellowish, green, and pink.
The truth is, the only change since the I-phone 5c released in September is the storage capability; the handset nevertheless sports the newest variation of iOS 7, 8-mega pixel camera, 1080p HD video-recording, and a-4-inch Retin A display, A-6 processor.


Until nowadays, the 8GB I-phone 4s was the most inexpensive, lowest Apple merchandise in many states.
For more, see pcmag.com’s critique of the slide show and the Apple I-phone 5c above. Additionally take a look at The Apple I-phone 5c Is Not Any Dead Loss.
Monday topping technology headlines, Microsoft declared that all variants of its notetaking and sharing applications at the moment are free and launched OneNote for Apple.
The macintosh version joins those already accessible for the Net, Windows tablet PC, Win Phone, I pad, I-phone, Android, and the Computer. Interested clients can see onenote.com to download the program free of charge. OneNote additionally now contains a cloud API, therefore any computer programmer can incorporate this system into their application or support.
Monday in other Apple information, hearsay of an 8GB I-phone 5c reach the Internet. Cupertino adopted through nowadays, re-leasing the smaller-capability iPhone 5c in Europe. It sports the same characteristics as the I-phone 5c that started in September.
For more, see Quit the tin foil Hat Mis Information About ICANN.

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An Interesting Cydia App for Texting Fans

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March 11th, 2014

Bellow, is described an app specially created for those who prefer texting instead of calling people because it sounds easier, or they don’t like other people hearing what they communicate, in case they are on the street, or whatever their reason is.

BiteSMS- A Great Cydia App

Nowadays everybody appears to be texting all the time and everywhere. For many people,  this seems to be annoying because seeing all smartphone users with their nose buried in the device they are carrying is not the best view. However, more and more people prefer texting instead of calling. As terrifying as it sounds for people with great communication skills, Cydia apps has a great tweak for those who are shyer and don’t like to talk too much. The application offered by Cydia download is called BiteSMS and it comes with so many features that it makes the default messaging app on the iPad look extremely poor.

cydia 7With BiteSMS, the jailbroken iOS users have the ability to quickly reply to messages without leaving the application they are in. In addition, this Cydia app offers the possibility to assign a gesture to compose a message from anywhere in the iOS. Not only that but, the tweak has even more features included, such as Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Scheduled Messages and many others you will discover once you installed Cydia on your iPad.

However, BiteSMS is just one of the many useful and fun Cydia apps that can be downloaded by iOS users who have already released their devices from the limits imposed by Apple, choosing to use the apps offered by the third party store.

In order to install Cydia, all iOS users must know that their device needs to be jailbroken. The process of jailbreaking is as simple as it appears to be. All you have to do is to follow the steps correctly in order to do it properly. Even though it is not a difficult process and there is nothing that could go wrong, as long as everything is done as it is supposed to, a back-up of the iOS is recommended because it is better being safe than sorry.

Once the process of jailbreaking is completed, the user is able to access the third-party store and download all the Cydia tweaks and apps he is interested in.

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What We Know About Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Untethered

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February 6th, 2014

Jailbreaking iDevices is something that many iOS users prefer doing as they are not content with what Apple has to offer especially when it comes to apps, the online Apple Store being against many applications that users are eager to download on their gadgets. This is the reason why many iFans are waiting, with curiosity, to find out the newest information regarding Untethered Jailbreak iOS 7.1. However, until now, the hackers teams do not seem to be too close to releasing the Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Untethered, but the iOS owners still hope to be offered the procedure as soon as iOS 7.1 comes out on the market.

Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Untethered

Until this happens, people should stay tuned and be ready for the upgraded operating system that Apple appears to reveal in a couple of months.

Apple iOS 7.1 Public Release

Currently, versions of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are running iOS 7.0.4. This represented the latest version of the company’s iOS 7 updates and was released in September. However, Apple also released iOS 7.1 beta ahead of its eventual release to the public, and recent iOS 7.1 beta 4 was offered to developers.

Releasing the beta is the company’s way to fix bugs, test features, and make sure that their customers are presented a smooth transition from one update to the next. Even though the date for the public release of the iOS 7.1 is not clear, rumors informs us that it might be out on the market in March, this year. We shall see!

IOS 7.1 Untethered Jailbreak

As the tool for iPhone and iPad users running iOS 7.0.4 was already released, and hackers began working on the iOS 7.1 jailbreak for the betas, iDevices’ fans became thrilled, taking this as good news and hoping for the release of iOS Untethered 7.1 Jailbreak.

Although we don’t know for sure when iOS 7.1 will be available, or if Jailbreak 7.1 iOS Untethered is going to be ready soon, the hackers team seems to have succeeded in jailbreaking the third beta of iOS 7.1.

Regarding Jailbreak iOS 7.1 beta 4, most iOS developers have been kind of quiet on the details. But, according to some rumors, the exploits used by the Evasi0n iOS 7.x jailbreak have indeed been patched. However, in case there are other iOS exploits available, jailbreak developers will certainly save them for a future jailbreak iOS 7.1 Untethered, when the operating system will be released.

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The Way to Cost an IPad above A Regular USB Connection.

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January 28th, 2014

12Put an iPhone or iPod into pretty much any pc using a Hardware interface, and also you ought to get enough energy to charge your telephone or media-player. Attempt exactly the same task with the iPad as well as your outcomes will probably be a little less expected. That is because an iPad wants more electricity to cost and most older Computers ship with Hardware plug-ins that just do not generate enough liquid.

ACER TRAVELMATE C100 SERIES laptop battery, APPLE IBOOK G4 12 & # 34; A1054 laptop battery, APPLE POWERBOOK G3 12 M6359J / A battery.

Newer Macbooks do supply enough capacity to allow you to use your iPad whenever it is getting. Older computers may charge your iPad gradually when the monitor is switched off, but if you really change in the show you’ll likely notice the tablet PC is not getting.

Until recently, it looked like the easiest option was supposed to put your iPad into a pc just once you required to sync info – – – and once you needed to cost to plug it into a wall port. However it seems like you can find firmware upgrades which allow you to modify computers with Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte motherboards, so they offer more power to Hardware plug-ins — enough power to cost an iPad.

Your outcomes might vary, not to mention you could run the possibility of shorting your motherboard should you not understand what you are performing. But if you really are very ready to consider that threat, you’ll locate links from all three motherboard makers at Engadget. You can view a movie of an iPad being billed from many distinct notebook USB ports following the rest. That contains a Sony-vaio P mini-notebook that is not just a high-power device.

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Amazing Cydia Apps

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December 21st, 2013


This Cydia application lets you choose Large Dynamic Range (HRD) photographs on you iPod Touch 4G. All-you should do is start Winterboard.app and pick the ‘HRDEnabler’.

IBluever Demonstration

This program makes it possible to join your iPod touch, even, and iPhone iPod into a Wireless Dial up networking enabled telephone. When the connection is created, you’ll be able to serve Net in your iPod Touch. This application facilitates ipod touch 2G/3G/4G. Do decide to try the trial version first to determine it’s suitable for your telephone. If so, then you definitely may think about buying this helpful app.

IPad customers also have a broad variety of option in regards to Cydia apps. For an instance:

3G Unrestrictor

This is really an excellent application that tips you iPad to believe it’s operating on Wi-Fi Internet, whenever you’re really with a 3G or EDGE system. Therefore, you may make free calls using Skype, download movies quicker, make and get calls on Face-time and do additional enjoyable things in your iPad when using your ordinary 3G or EDGE system.


Searching for an application which helps manage your documents? IFile can be a Cydia application that enables you to truly produce and remove directories, rename them, open documents straight and additional useful measures.


For only $2, possible safeguard your own applications on iOS with Locktopus. Not merely does this enable you to really include a password to your own apps and Native apps from Apple shop, but also Cydia applications. This will definitely help protect your applications from start used without your authorization.


You need to have discovered you can’t erase your Cydia applications as if you delete your Application Store applications. You should uninstall the application in the menu start Cydia and. Nevertheless, CyDelete may assist you to remove Cydia applications from your program display. Till it begins to wriggle simply tap to the application. After that, click in the small X to remove the Cydia application.

These are only some of the finest applications you’ll love including in your prison broken Iphone. There are dozens, and dozens of programs accessible and these are only some I discover are the greatest.

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Untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 Release Date

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January 29th, 2013

I am sure that all jailbreakers in the whole world expected this news. Now, suggested in a tweet, we were able to find out the fact that PlanetBeing, the famous jailbreak developer team will release the well-awaited untethered iOS 6.1 jailbreak any time soon. This is great especially since the iOS 6.1 is on the market in a final version.

In the same time, before this particular post, they also released some news concerning the list of devices that will support the famous untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1. In this list, there are no more or less than 22 devices. All A4-based devices and A5-based devices are included within this list. You will be glad and you will be able to perform jailbreak 6.1 untethered on your device despite the version you are using. In the same time, Wi-Fi and cellular data devices are separated so you do not have to worry for anything. The only problem here is that latest Apple TV, and namely the Apple TV 3, will not be eligible for untethered iOS 6.1 jailbreak.

So far, we were able to perform tethered jailbreak only on Pre-A5-based devices such as iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation. However, this only covers a small part of iDevices on the market, and the proud users of a brand new iPhone 5 were not able to enjoy a fully jailbroken device. Now things have changes in the good way. The untethered iOS 6.1 jailbreak means a huge step for developers. As you all know, Apple developers implement multiple new securities and changes within their operating system versions. In this way, developers might find it a little bit difficult building a proper jailbreak tool, as it happened in the past.

In a previous post, they also suggested a possible release date, on the Super Bowl event, right on this Sunday. I know that this is pretty soon after the official iOS 6.1 was released, but we are glad this is happening this way. Therefore, I hope this weekend will be a busy one for most of you.

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Default Cydia sources listed automatically

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August 10th, 2012

When jailbreak is performed on an Apple device, Cydia icon will appear automatically on the home screen. However, this does not mean that you can start to use Cydia right away. In the first place, when you launch Cydia for the first time, you need to register as a user. The second step is to start initializing packages. Cydia will automatically perform this process and it will last several minutes. At the end of it, Cydia will close and you need to launch it again. During initialization, Cydia will add some default sources when you can browse for different apps and tweaks. Cydia is all about repos and sources. Without those repos, you cannot find anything to download.

There are several default sources, which will prove to be quite useful. However, some users are not pleased with those sources and they add new ones. As long as the sources are tryst-worthy and eligible, you can add them freely. The BigBoss repo is one of the most popular and used Cydia app sources. It contains a great variety of Cydia apps, free tweaks, interesting wallpapers and great themes. Mostly, you can find here whatever you want. Your options do not end here. You also have the ModMyi repos. This source completes the source for themes and wallpapers along with impressible ringtones. In the last part, I want to mention the Repo666, a great source for gamers, entertainers and people who enjoy increasing performance and power on their devices.

However, if you are not satisfied by the results you gain using those default sources you are free to try out SiNfuL repo, Hackulo, Insanelyi Repo or iPhone Cake source. Here you will definitely complete your list of themes, wallpapers, Cydia tweaks, free apps and new features. To add a new Cydia source, you need to visit the Source tab and tap the” add new source” button. In the little text box that appears, you need to type the URL of the respective source. In this way, in your further search, this source will be included.

Enjoy Cydia download and search for new ways in which you can make your iPhone, iPad or iPod stronger and powerful.

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An iPad is good for kids

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July 31st, 2012

A large number of moms and dads are making use of the numerous applications of iPads to make education and learning a lot more captivating as well as involved for their kids. Some finest iPad apps for kids are Math Bingo, Math Board, Fish College, Build a Zoo and also 123 World Geography. These are coming to be a major favorite among the mom or dads in addition to little ones. The most effective academic iPad applications for children that have actually been combined in the iPad are designed uniquely by the professionals as well as are good devices that can easily aid in enhancing the youngsters’ expertise.

Mathematics Bingo is just one of the most effective iPad applications for children. This application includes finding out mathematical ideas like multiplication, addition, division and subtraction through a video game. The online game is easy as well as it aids to greatly improve the children’s mental ability. This application is especially helpful for those youngsters that are unsteady in math. They are able to find out simple numbers concepts as well as enhance their overall math talents. An iPad not just makes your life very easy however likewise aids your children in education and learning.

Apart from training, youngsters likewise require some enjoyment and also enjoyable. They are tired after going back from school. As a result, it is very important to charge as well as revive them so that they can do their homework as well as they should. Your iPad helps them to relax too. It has a range of online games solely for children like Pac Male, Chuzzle, Spiderly as well as Ape Playgroup Lunchbox, etc. Another finest iPad online game is ‘Spiderly’. This online game is a captivating principle that demands sharp focus. This online game in particular packages entertainment as well as enhances the kid’s mental ability. One really should consequently, entice kids to wager video games like these.

It is obvious that the iPad has some sparkling usages for little ones. It helps them to study while they enjoy it. Most kids wish they had a one-of-a-kind learning environment. The iPads with their exceptional applications offers just the excellent platform of studying by incorporating play in it. While your youngsters take pleasure in wagering online games, you may relax as well as view their qualities improve.

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Choose Cydia instead of the Apple App Store!

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July 18th, 2012

Because the Apple App Store rejects a big number of applications that could be useful for the iDevices owners, jailbreaking their devices and having Cydia installed became a must, nowadays. This is the reason why there are different jailbreaking and many tools that helps people do this. The type of the jailbreak and of the tools you use depends on the iOS device you are using.

One of the most widely known iOS Jailbreak tool available is the RedSn0w Jailbreak tool, developed by the iPhone Dev-Team. It allows you to do the iPhone jailbreak but also the iPod and iPad jailbreaks supporting both Mac and Windows operating systems. This jailbreak tool helps you to easily Jailbreak your iOS Device both tethered and untethered. This is only one of the many tools that you can use in order to unlock the device you want to install Cydia on. Regarding this, you should know that you can find lots of free Cydia apps available just for you to use. But as you probably understood, in order for you to be able to download Cydia, you need to decide if you are ready to give up the Apple Apps Store, because once you decide to go for the best cydia apps, you have to quit upgrading to the Apple Store.

My advice would be to choose Cydia in favor to the Apple App Store. They are similar and the only difference is that Cydia offers you more and better apps.

Anyway, I can onlyu say that I am sure there are people who don’t know too many things about unlocking their iPhones or other iDevices, and this is the reason why there are so many websites where you can find as many jailbreak tips and even jailbreak tricks as you want and need.

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